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Trigger warning: Breakfast

Holy shit.

reasons why we don’t make fun of seemingly odd triggers

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The Boxtrolls is transmisogynist


So I went to see The Boxtrolls today having been very excited about all of the publicity, the general theme of the film, and all of the posters I saw of what appeared to be same gender families.


I left the cinema in tears because of it. It’s very transmisogynist. I do not advise anyone, especially trans women, to see this film without warning of what’s in it. I’ll explain why below.

TW FOR THE CONTENT BELOW. It contains spoilers and descriptions of transmisogyny.

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"I look at you and see all the ways a soul can bruise, and I wish I could sink my hands into your flesh and light lanterns along your spine so you know that there’s nothing but light when I see you."

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i dont bring anything to my friendships or relationships


I find it really strange that when you’re in a long distance friendship or relationship all you want to do is see that person and being around them is the biggest most wonderful deal but there are people who interact with them
all the time, on the street and in the classroom and in the shops and it always makes me jealous because you want to be with this person so much and for everyone else they’re nothing special but for you they’re everything special

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hey everyone i could really use some help with money in regards to transition and mental health related expenses. here is my donation link anything is appreciated, even a few cents.

this donation button is for both me and my girlfriend, Raelyn and recently we have…


nothing Is real


im so scared of being alone but i just know its going to happen


how am i possibly this fucking disgusting ugh