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Anonymous said: Your mother's a cunt. Kill her.

she doesnt deserve the electricity wasted in my brain thinking about her


Anonymous said: You're amazing like a dinosaur with a jetpack shooting a rocket launcher.

a cold-blooded, violent, flighty, fossil fuel blood traitor 

my mother would agree


More like freaking adorable sentient precious metals

in an alternate universe where precious metals are the equivalent to our universes garbage, mhm, luv this precious metals


Anonymous said: Hey fuck face


i wish i was pretty




an ancient and terrible curse.

Oglaf makes my fucking life better.

The best part is he gets his own kingdom later because he’s so good at sucking cocks

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  • Autistic Person: *Flaps when they're happy*
  • Autistic Person: *Hisses and pulls away when they're upset*
  • Autistic Person: *Points and jumps when they need something *
  • Autistic Person: *Rocks and stomps when they're upset*
  • Autistic Person: *Verbally stims when they're anxious *
  • Autistic Person: *Pets other to show love and affection*
  • Autistic Person: *Has a thousand unique stims and vocalizations for different contexts that convey different meanings*
  • Allistic Person: "See, they don't communicate at all!"